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Friday, 26th March 2021

- Letter from Mr Griffin

Dear Parents,

As we approach the end of the Spring term, I would like to inform you that the Department for Education has asked schools to continue with COVID-19 contact tracing over the Easter holidays.

To ensure that we keep everyone safe, please can you adhere to the following steps:

  1. Staff and parents/carers of pupils need to inform the school of a positive case where they developed symptoms within 48 hours of being in their education setting.
  2. Staff and parents/carers of pupils who were asymptomatic but tested positive within 48 hours of last being in school also need to let the school know.
  3. The school should assist in identifying close contacts and advising self-isolation, as the individual may have been infectious whilst in their education setting.
  4. Where students or staff test positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) during the holidays, having developed symptoms more than 48 hours since being in an education setting, you are not required to take any action. Staff, students, parents and carers should follow contact tracing instructions provided by NHS Test and Trace.
  5. The following email address will be monitored daily to facilitate point 1:
  6. All confirmed cases continue will be reported to the health protection team.  

Staff do not need to be available for contact tracing duties beyond the first 6 days of the Easter holidays, at which point all positive cases should be dealt with through NHS Test and Trace. This means that where a school ends face-to-face education on 31st March there will be no need to remain on-call after Tuesday 6th April.

There have been questions raised this week regarding the PCR and Rapid Lateral Flow Tests and the procedure if a child shows symptoms. The following guide from Cambridgeshire County Council provides some really useful information on what you need to do if your child becomes unwell.

I would like to reiterate that if your child has one of the following symptoms, do not send your child to school:

  • A high temperature
  • A new continuous cough
  • A loss or change to your sense of smell and taste

If you have symptoms, you and everyone you live with must immediately self-isolate. Do not leave home until you get your test results, except to post a test kit or for a PCR test appointment.

Looking ahead to the Summer term, I would like to share with you the exciting news that on Tuesday 27th April, we will be having a photography company coming to the school to take photos of the children learning as part of the launch of the new school website. We will also be welcoming a video production team to school as we will be making a school video to showcase the amazing learning that takes place. More information will follow after the Easter holidays.

Have a great weekend

Mr Griffin

- A letter from Gavin Williamson MP, Secretary of State for Education

A letter to young people

Gavin Williamson, Education Secretary


I wanted to let you all know how grateful I am for the way you have responded to the huge challenges you have all faced throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Whether this is your first year at school or your final year of college, I know the disruption you have all faced to your education since the pandemic began has been incredibly challenging and has meant completely changing the way you learn - either learning remotely at home or continuing at school or college with fewer of your friends around you and lots of safety measures in place.

Whether you were at home or at school, the disruption last term and throughout last year asked a lot of you and your families. I am filled with admiration for the incredible way you all responded and the resilience you have shown. Not being in school or college with your teachers and friends was a huge sacrifice. Everything you did, with the help of your families and your schools and colleges, and everything you missed out on – time in school, taking exams, seeing friends, playing sport and much more - made such a huge difference to helping us stop the spread of the virus. I want to say a huge thank you to all of you.

Getting all young people back into school and college safely has been my priority throughout the pandemic. I know how vital it is not just for your education but also to spend time with your friends and to feel happy and secure. All our lives have changed a lot in the past year but the challenges that young people have faced have been some of the hardest. I will continue doing everything in my power to make sure that all of you are supported to boost any areas of work you’ve had less time at school to study, get the qualifications you deserve and have the opportunities you need to succeed.

Continuing to follow all the safety measures your schools and colleges have worked hard to put in place, as well as taking a test twice a week, is so important and helps us to stop the virus spreading. The testing that thousands of you have been taking part in at school and college is a vital part of this. I am so grateful to you and all the staff who have supported you to do this. I know your schools and colleges have worked incredibly hard to prepare you to test yourself at home.

As most of you at secondary school and college move to testing yourself regularly at home, it’s vital that you continue to test and report online twice a week through the Easter holidays and after you return to school. Home testing twice a week for you and everyone you live with makes a huge difference and means you are playing a really important role in helping us move back to a more normal way of life. Your school or college will continue to support you and make sure you have tests. You and your family can also find out more about home testing here.

I was delighted to see the enthusiasm with which so many of you returned to school at the beginning of March and I am sure you have had a wonderful few weeks catching up with your friends and teachers. It was fantastic to meet pupils delighted to return to school on my visits to schools like Arden Academy and Bedford Free School and to see so many more of your reunions on social media. I hope that the new term will be just as enjoyable and successful for all of you.

Rt Hon Gavin Williamson CBE MP, Secretary of State for Education

- Covid Test

This is just a gentle reminder about the importance of taking your child for a test if they are displaying any of the main Covid symptoms. There was a bit of confusion this week so please find below the link that will explain more.

- Key Stage 2

Mrs Plumbe helped the children create this lovely piece of art for Holy week. It is now exhibited in the hall for all to see. Thank you so much to all involved, it looks fabulous.

- Wellbeing Activities by Ms Sandford - WEEK 6

This is the final wellbeing activities session. 

- Threadworms

It is possible that we might have a few cases of threadworms so please read the info from the NHS below.

- End of Term

The school term will finish on: 

- Wednesday 31st March at normal time (CAST is still running that day)

and will start again on:

- Monday 19th April.

- Claiming financial support under the Test and Trace Support Payment Scheme

Please click the following link (Financial Support) if you want more information about the Claiming Financial Support under the Test and Trace Support Payment Scheme.

- Oxfordshire County Music Services

Dear Parents/carers, 

After the successful performance of 'Over the Rainbow' last year, The Online Orchestra is back for another virtual performance. We have been lucky to receive authorisation to produce a performance of John Lennon's Imagine and you're invited to join in!

 This is open to all musicians and singers, with parts available for different difficulty levels. 

 You can record as an individual, a family group or a school group

 Recordings must be submitted to by 17:00 on 30th April 2021.

 The guide tracks and parts are attached to this email. Please choose a part that you are comfortable with. If you have queries or concerns about it please consult your instrumental teacher first or email for any further help.

 Please read the guidance below before submitting, or we may be unable to use your video! 

 Before you record  

  • Find a good space to record in (ideally a well-lit space, with soft furnishings to reduce echo)  
  • Try not to stand in front of windows or bright lights 

 Setting up your recording device  

  • Film in landscape (phone on its side), not in portrait  
  • Position yourself in the centre of the frame, and not too far away (so we can see you!)  
  • Try to minimise background noise when you're recording (e.g., keep windows and doors shut)  
  • Set your phone to record at a good quality (30 frames per second at 1080p resolution is ideal) 


  • Make sure you listen to the backing track through headphones!  
  • The backing track asks you to clap on beat 4. This is important to make sure everyone is playing together!

 Submitting your recording  

  • Recordings and image consent forms must be submitted by 17:00 30 April 2021 or they may not be able to be used.  
  • Files can be sent via WeTransfer, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, DropBox or uploaded as an unlisted YouTube video for us to download, whichever is easiest for you!  Please also label them 'IMAGINE: [INSTRUMENT] - [YOURNAME]' 

 We hope you have fun and are looking forward to seeing and hearing your recordings! 

 Yours sincerely, 

 The Music Service

Yours Sincerely 

Oxfordshire County Music Service
Centre for Music
Bayswater Road,
01865 816990



FSU Henry for being very helpful
Yr 1/2 Niamh & Grace for their fabulous poems
Yr 3/4 Logan for super reading this week and for trying his best in class
Yr 5/6 All of Yr 5/6 for being fabulous this year, I will miss you all

* Sorry no picture of Henry as he was busy helping a member of staff.

Be friendly, respectful and kind Mackenzie for saying thank you when a teacher held the door open for him
Be responsible Henry P for staying focused in class & being responsible for his learning
Be the best you can be Samuel for putting his plimsolls on when he was struggling to wear them


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