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- Letter from Mr Griffin

Dear Parents,

It has been a very exciting week at Charlton. On Tuesday we arranged a whole school cross country event with every child running multiple laps around the sports field. I was incredibly impressed with the commitment of all the children with many completing their year group distance without stopping.

I spoke to a few children after the event and this is what they had to say:

"I enjoyed it so much that I ended up doing eleven laps." Kit in Year 4

"It was a great experience, I would like to run further to test myself." Zak in Year 5

"It was really fun, I did better than I thought I would." Grace in Year 3

Yesterday, we were joined virtually by three local authority advisors whose role was to review the educational provision across the school. The advisors saw video clips from lessons which had taken place, looked at books, reviewed planning and spoke to staff members.

I wanted to share with you two highlights from the day: Firstly, the advisors were very impressed with the progress in the quality of provision within the Early Years Team. They commented on the improvements in leadership and teaching as well as the positive learning environment on display.

Secondly, I would like to say a big thank you to Noah, Stanley, Jamie, Zak, Emily, Willem and Tyler who spoke so articulately and confidently about the school. They talked about their favourite moment; how they found lessons and things they are most proud of. We are very proud of them.

I would also like to thank all of the teachers and staff for the time spent preparing resources and documents to showcase all the work we are doing. Some staff were seen coming into school on the weekend to prepare; this is much appreciated!

On a completely different note, can I remind parents to adhere to the Highway Code when parking before and after school. This week a car was seen parking in the T-junction facing the high street.

We have had several reports of head lice recently. Please check your child's hair carefully and treat if eggs or lice are found. Even after treatment, regular combing and checking is needed to prevent the return of lice and eggs.

Have a great weekend

Mr Griffin

- Here are some children during the cross country

- Street Tag

Have you had a chance to log onto the Street Tag Leadership Board? Please watch the video provided, it explains what is involved. You can also find some instructions below on how to sign up and start having fun! 

- Tea Towel

I hope you found the letter from the PTA, in your child's book bag, regarding the Tea Towel which are for sale: £4/each or 3 for £10. If you haven't seen it yet, it might still be in your child's book bag. Please send your order back to the office in a named envelope. Thank you.

- Cards & other orders

You should have all received your orders (cards/wrapping paper, tags, etc..) or you will today.

Please be aware that APFS (the firm the PTA used) have just told us that the mugs and water bottles will come next week so don't worry if you haven't got your order yet.

Thank you.

- Postcard Competition from the Fresh Habitat Trust

As part of the Saving Oxford's Wetland Wildlife project, we are running a postcard competition for school children and we'd love to have you on board!

During lockdown, our outside spaces have become even more important to us all. We'd like the children to draw a pond on the front of their postcard, and we'll pick one winner from each class that takes part. We can supply you with blank paper postcards and a pre-paid return envelope.

If you'd be interested in taking part, please talk to your teacher.

Regional Project Officer
Freshwater Habitats Trust

If your child is interested in taking part in the Card Competition, please ask them to discuss it with their teacher. Thank you.

- Woodstock visit for KS2 - Deadline Sunday 6th December

Yr3/4/5/6 parents, please continue to send your consents for the visit to the Woodstock Museum in February 2021. Thank you.

- PTA News

This Christmas is going to be a bit different in school but the PTA are supporting a variety of activities for the children.
- We will supply the children with crackers for their Christmas Dinner in school on the Tuesday 15th December.
- We've paid for an elf to "visit" the school and bring the children a present.
- Each class will be getting a party box at the end of term with games, activities and snacks.
The PTA are also supporting the school in accessing a pantomime that can be shown in school. 
Thank you all for your support this year! 
Lynne Bustin
New PTA Chair

- Reception Admission


We are now accepting applications for Reception entry in September 2021 (see Key Admission Dates attached).  Parents should be encouraged to apply online at as this is the most secure way of applying, but if parents cannot access the online process, we do have a paper form that I can send you.

Starting School Brochures are no longer being printed, but all the information contained in the Brochure is available on our admissions website.

The closing date of Reception applications is 15th January 2021, and the National offer date is 16th April 2021.  The 15th January closing date is extremely important, as late applications will not be considered until May 2021 after the first offers have been made.  Parents who make a late application are less likely to be offered a place at one of their preferred schools.  The details of the admissions process is widely advertised in Doctors Surgeries, Libraries, Parish Councils, and made available to the 2,500 subscribers to the OCC Early Years Newsletter.


School Admissions Team

 Education, Sufficiency and Access

County Hall, 4th Floor

New Road

Oxford   OX1 1ND



Poster and Admission dates on PDF below.

- Week beginning

Be friendly, respectful and kind Lucas for always being keen to add his own thoughts/ideas and for being thoughtful and respectful of others in the group.
Be responsible Noah, Stanley, Jamie, Zak, Emily, Willem and Tyler who spoke to the Inspectors
Be the best you can be Grace who kept going during the cross country, well done!
FSU Lois for putting her best effort into everything she does.
Yr1/2 Orla for being independent and her great work.
Yr3/4 Archie for cross country, well done!
Yr5/6 Stanley for being great at explaining aspects of our book and for helping his partner.

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