Geography at Charlton-on-Otmoor Church of England Primary School


At Charlton, we believe that geography, unlike some other subjects, is not learnt in a strictly linear way, so it is not possible to identify a simple progression in geographical content. Instead, we see geography as an inter-connected network of skills and concepts which help pupils develop their geographical thinking, identify relationships and make connections with increasing fluency in different and more complex situations. 

The sequencing of geography is planned using the triangulation of three elements:- 

  • the National Curriculum 
  • the Knowledge Building Pillars and Cognitive Blocks 
  • the Skills Ladder 

The geographical learning within themes is designed to enable pupils to build on and contextualise prior learning using a contemporary, meaningful framework. 

Aligned with our strategic aims, our geography curriculum will be aspirational for all pupils, equip students with 21st century skills and help pupils to become global citizens by acquiring a greater knowledge and understanding of the past. 




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