Topic: Time Travellers (Dinosaurs)

Value: Forgiveness

Dear Parents,

What a super week we had last week- the children have been so busy! We created a dinosaur display with our fossils and dinosaur skeletons (using cotton buds!)  and their Gregosaurus drawings were fantastic! I hope you were impressed as much as we were!

This week

Don’t forget to email Mrs Wells a baby photo of your child ( Please could we have these by Sunday night ready for our planned lesson on Monday afternoon. We are going to be discussing how we have changed since we were babies and what we can do now that we couldn’t do when we born. Thank you!


We continue to learn about dinosaurs this week but we are turning our attention to their teeth as we change our roleplay area to a dentist. Knowing that many parents haven’t been able to take their children to the dentist we will be focusing on the importance of dental hygiene. A reminder about the free Aquafresh app which supports children at brushing time. The app is a fun accompaniment to brushing teeth as the children watch a fun character dance to different songs with various backgrounds as the two-minute timer counts down. The more times they brush the more choice of outfits/ songs and backgrounds to choose from! Hopefully it will help any children who are reluctant to brush.


In our daily Literacy lessons this week we will be looking at books about teeth!

As well as reading the book; Open wide, what’s inside By Dr Alex Rushworth we will be looking at information books about teeth and writing instructions as to how we clean our teeth properly. By the end of the week your child should be able to tell you exactly how to clean their teeth and why it is so important!


Reception (F1s)

The reception children continue to recap all their set 2 sounds this week- they are doing so well with recalling all of these, we are so proud of them.  We are also going to be assessing their knowledge this week to enable us to plan effectively for phonics for Term 5.  


The F2s will be continuing working on segmenting and blending this week with a continued increase on asking the children to segment words into their individual sounds.

The F3s will be visiting different areas of the school and tuning into the different sounds they can hear as they continue with their environmental sounds phonics phase.



The reception children will be continuing with 3d shape this week and also looking at making complex patterns. Why not have a 3d hunt around the house, can your child name any of the 3d shapes found?


The nursery children will be focusing on 2d shapes this week. Can your child name a triangle, square, rectangle and circle? Why not make shape a focus of a walk? How many of each shape can you find when you’re out and about?  


As we approach Easter, the children will be hearing the Palm Sunday story this week and making palm branches.

Show and tell

We have finished our show and tell cycle but will share a new list for Term 5 and 6 soon so the children can have another turn before the end of the year.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards

Mrs Wells, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Ling

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