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Newsletter 26th June 2020

This half term we will be looking at the following value:

  • Honesty

- Letter from Mr Griffin

Dear Parents,

On Friday 19th June, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson publicly announced their intention to get all children back in school from September. Schools across the country are hoping to receive concrete guidance within the next few weeks as to what this will look like.

As of Friday 26th June, I can confirm that should schools return to normal on September 1st, the classing structure will be as follows:

- Nursery and Reception class to be led by Mrs Wells with Mrs Clarke with Mrs Ling as the Nursery Nurse

- Year 1 and 2 class to be led by Mrs Bending

- Year 3 and 4 class will be taught by our new teacher Miss Sandford

- Year 5 and 6 class to be led by Mrs Ellam

Our teaching assistants will be allocated to individuals and groups of pupils across the school. If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan, you will be informed of their support by Friday 3rd July at the latest.


During the final week of term, we will be arranging a range of transitional activities for all the pupils. This will involve virtual meetings with their new teacher and a range of leavers' events to celebrate the year sixes as they head onto secondary school. Miss Sandford is in school during the final week so pupils and staff will have the chance to meet and get to know her.

We will be arranging a 'meet the teacher' event early in the Autumn term so that parents can meet their child's new teacher and discuss how they have settled and are adjusting to the expectations of the new year.

Sports Day:

We will have a school sports day on Wednesday 15th July. Children attending school will need to wear their PE kit and a shirt representing their house colour. Parents will not be able to attend however we will try to video this event and upload it to the school YouTube channel.  

Online Learning:

Online learning via Google Classroom will be provided in Key Stage One and Two up until Friday 10th July.  During the final week of term, we will email out a range of suggested activities for children to do at home however teachers will not be responding to work on a daily basis. This is due to the number of pupils expected to be back in school and staffing resources available.

Additional pupils returning to school:

This week we have been able to welcome back our year five pupils. We were able to do this as we had spaces available within the year six bubble. From next week, we are creating an additional bubble using the marquee which was erected by Ray Walters and Reverend Steve; we are extremely grateful for their time and effort in putting this up. The new bubble will welcome back pupils in years 2, 3 and 4 who have been unable to return. This bubble will offer a part time provision up until the end of term.

I am sure you will join me in recognising the commitment of all the staff during the past month. Getting so many children back to school has required staff to go over and beyond and is a tribute to the hard work of all connected with the school.

Have a great weekend

Mr Griffin


Please can you all ensure that you check your Spam on a regular basis as it seems that some of our communications are going directly there and not in your Inbox. Thank you.


- Yr6 information

Schudio TV is offering a free course for parents and students transitioning from Primary to Secondary School which focuses around the four most common questions students have about the transition:

Will I make friends?

Will I get bullied?

Will I get lost?

Will I be able to cope with the work?

From the introduction page there are links to webpages about transition from Young Minds the BBC.

For more information, please visit:

New School Menu

The alternative menu is now on the website. If you wish to consult it, click on Parents/Lunch Menu

- Reading Record Milestone

Well done to these children for reaching a Reading Record Milestone (every 25 nights) in their Reading Record. Great achievement!

Ben  200 
Isla 200

Amelia 175
Ruby 150
Beatrice 200
Neive 200
Leo 100
Grace 225
Oliver 200

- Lock down Choir

The children have done a fabulous job.  I know how much work that must have been.
You can see the video prepared by Michelle from the PTA and her son on Google Classroom/Stream and Tapestry. Thank you very much Michelle for all your hard work.
Well done to you all.
Mrs Ellam

- Brigade (uniform supplier)

Don't forget the deadline of 7th August for your Uniform.

The last ordering date for parents to organise their son or daughter’s uniform is 7th August. Brigade told us they will not be able to guarantee delivery before September term if ordered after this date. 

Please do bear in mind that, due to Covid-19, they feels there will be a dramatic spike in uniform orders – many schools having left their orders until the last half term.  The sooner you order the sooner they can reserve their stock.  


- Activities and work done at school by the FSU


It's lovely to have Isabel back in our bubble! Continuing with talking about out school value honesty, we read the Julia Donaldson story of Tiddler. The children enjoyed making collage fish to brighten our window display.

We have been learning about our senses this week. We went on listening walks, did blind tasting, and guessed the smells including cocoa powder, onion, lavender, and tomato ketchup. Henry cut out some shapes using his scented play dough.


This week in the FSU we have been learning about our senses. Here are some pictures of us, feeling with our feet, tasting and smelling!





We have also been learning about shape in maths in a variety of different activities.


This week when the Y1's were eating their picnic lunch, they realised that there was a baby dove in a nest in the tree. All week the Y1's have been watching the progress of the baby dove learning to fly and being fed but its mother.
This week we have made a glitter bottle for Reverend Lisa's assemblies. We shake the bottle and then sit quietly, thinking, whilst the glitter settles.

Key Worker bubble

Contribution from the Key Workers' class. They have written and created their own calligrams.


Grace's great English work.


Yr 5/6 Art in the style of Monet.

- Home Learning

- Nursery

Mable has been using her senses this week at home, smelling spices and herbs and guessing which objects were hidden inside a box.



This week Archer grouped stacks of marbles in odds and evens independently, while his Mum helped his older brother with his school work. Amazing!

- Yr1/2

More great work to share this week.
Our young contributors are:
Amelia & Jaxon-Lee's excellent writing
Orla's magnificient mind map 
Rufus' amazing sentences

- Yr 3/4

This week in Year 3 and 4, the children have been reading and writing shape poems. 
The young contributors are:
Blue whale by Kit
Starfish by Ruby
The World by Beatrice
Sea snake by Emily
The Fish by Phoebe

- Yr 5/6

Some great English work, Numeracy and Greek writing from our contributors.

Our young contributors:

Fabulous writing by Hope
Greek writing by Alexander
Roman Numerals by Hannah
Great writing by Noah
Greek writing by Edward

Emilia read Sleeping Beauty and made a wonderful collage. It was so big that she needed help from Tia for the photograph!

- How to apply for free school meals

Ask for an application form from your child’s school (see link below), complete it and return to the school together with proof of benefit so that your school can assess eligibility.

Link to application form:

Proof of benefit cannot be demonstrated by a bank statement or photocopies, only by an original of the following:

- Income Support - letter from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)/Jobcentre Plus dated within one month of application showing breakdown of income support payment.

- Income Based Employment & Support Allowance - letter from DWP/Jobcentre Plus dated within one month of application.

- Child Tax Credit (without Working Tax Credit and 'annual income as assessed by the Inland Revenue' of below the threshold figure for the year) - All pages of the TC602 Inland Revenue tax credit award notice for the current tax year.

- State pension credit - Pension Credit M1000 Award Notice.

Asylum seekers will need to provide a National Asylum and Support Service (NASS) support notice or IS96 document including details of authority providing support under part IV of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999. You will be required to supply:

* NASS reference number
* Port reference number
* Name of authority

When to apply?
You should apply to your school when you first start to receive benefit as claims are not backdated. Your eligibility will be reviewed at least every six months by the school.

You should notify the school immediately if any changes occur to your benefits.


* Reading

We are writing to ask if you can help us to promote the challenge to your children, their parents and carers.

Although Oxfordshire Libraries are closed for the time being, the good news is Silly Squad, Summer Reading Challenge 2020 is available to join online!  Parents and carers can register their children for free at and the Challenge runs from 5th June into September.

This year children set their own reading challenge for the summer and as they read they collect digital rewards.  They can read any books they like, comics, jokes, stories or information books.  This can include ones they have at home, or if they are members of the library they can download eBooks and eAudio from Oxfordshire Libraries.  To join the library, they can visit

To help schools promote the challenge, The Reading Agency have produced a powerpoint presentation  which can be used in classes or your remote learning platforms.  Other resources for schools are available:

We have also attached a flyer to use in your newsletters for parents and carers.

Over 9500 children took part in last year’s Summer Reading Challenge and although it will be running a bit differently this year, we hope you will join us to encourage even more children to keep reading!

There will also be lots of fun and silly virtual events and activities for children on Oxfordshire Libraries Facebook and Twitter.

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