Dear Parents,

We hope you are enjoying this lovely sunny weather and you and the children have had a good half term.


We have a very exciting term ahead with our new topic; People who help us. Each week we will be focusing on a different occupation and have lots of visitors planned to come into make the learning even more real. So far, the outline for the term looks like this:

Week 1 - Police (with Police Officers coming in on Tuesday!)  

Week 2- Firefighters

Week 3- Builders

Week 4- Schools

Week 5- Doctors

Week 6- Vets (linked to our trip to Fairytale farm!)

This week we will have lots of police themed activities including looking at how police vehicles have changed over the years, drawing police dogs and police vehicles and writing about the role of a police officer.  

In maths the children will be looking at ordering and recognising numbers. F1 children should be able to recognise and order numbers to 20 and F2s to 10. Please check your child’s knowledge in this area at home and support where necessary.

Transition (F1s only)

It seems incredible to believe we are about to start the last half term of this academic year (although don’t forget Monday is an INSET day!)

As we continue our transition work for the F1s moving to year 1 we ask that parents try to leave the children to sort their own coats, shoes and bookbags so they can become independent in coming into school. The F1s will also start going out on the field at lunchtime. For the first two weeks this will just be on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They will have a designated adult with them to help settle them into the new rules and routines, find out where the toilets are, familiarise themselves with other adults on lunch duty and ensure they are happy. On Wednesdays Mrs Oliver will be with them, Mrs Wells on Thursdays and Mrs Finlay on Fridays.  

The children will also start to go, in small groups, to Mrs Finlay’s class each Friday afternoon for golden time which is lots of fun.

Throughout this process we will identifying any children we think need extra support in transitioning to Year 1/ 2 but if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Wells or Mrs Oliver. 

Morning routine

A polite reminder that indoor shoes only are kept in children’s trays and not outdoor shoes- thank you! As the children are getting so good at writing their names in the mornings now we will be challenging some of them to write numbers. This is to ensure number formation is correct.

Homework (F1s only)

We are looking forward to reading about the children’s half term in their two diary entries this week.

New homework grids will be stuck in books this week. Please support your child to complete a piece of homework each week. Thank you!

30 hours funding

We do now accept the 30hour entitlement codes in school. If you are in a family where both parents work you may be eligible for an extra 15hours of funded childcare. Parents who do fit the criteria can apply for a code which we now accept in school to fund extra hours in the FSU. Please see the link to the government website for further clarification of whether you are eligible for this extra funding. speak to Mrs Wells or Mrs Lambert. This is currently just for our morning sessions and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons but we are looking at increasing our provision for September so watch this space!

Useful links

-How can I support my child with their communication at home?

-How much exercise should my child be getting?

 Kind regards

Mrs Wells (Early Years Coordinator) and Mrs Oliver

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