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This half term we will be looking at the following value:

  • Love

- Letter from Mr Griffin

Dear Parents,

We have had a very busy week at school with children from Mrs Bending, Miss Sandford and Mrs Ellam’s classes tackling a range of test papers so that the teachers are able to make accurate judgements as to what children have remembered from last year to help inform future planning and teaching. Schools normally have an assessment week around May/June time however due to COVID-19 this was cancelled so we have carried out a baseline assessment in this week which will be followed by an end of term assessment week before Christmas. All of the teachers are very proud of the children’s achievements and effort over the past week.  

I would like to say a big thank you once again to everyone who came to school last Saturday to help out with cleaning the playground. This has already made a huge difference. We are very fortunate at Charlton to have such a committed and devoted PTA. Well done to Michelle and your team.

After the initial round of advertising for the CAST supervisory role, we chose not to appoint which means that we still have a vacancy for anyone who is interested. Please come and speak to me or email/phone the office if you would like more information about what this will entail. This post is to start straight away.

Finally, I am excited to inform you that we will be having parents evening during the week commencing Monday 5th October. Parents evening this term will take the form of a telephone conversation with the class teacher. More information will be sent out to you next week informing you how to book.

Have a great weekend

Mr Griffin

Jeans for Genes

Thanks to your generosity this morning, we will be able to send £63 to the Charity. Well done.

- Message from Mrs Ellam

Next week we are going to do our first NEWT (Now everyone writing together) of the year. 

The children will be doing a piece of narrative writing based on the picture below.  We would like you to talk to your child about the picture using the questions below, but don't feel constrained by these questions, your child can be as creative and as imaginative as they like.  
Talking is an important part of the writing process and helps children become more confident, expert writers.  After some discussion, ask your child to think about, and then say out loud, some sentences.   Encourage them to start, or structure, their sentences in different ways.  Include in your discussions a wide range of exciting and adventurous vocabulary. 
We hope you enjoy chatting about the picture.  Keeeeeeep talking!
Surprised Mouse
Slowly and cautiously, he raised his small, curious face above the ground, just as he did every morning. His shiny, black eyes surveyed the scene in front and around him, checking that the coast was clear for the start of the breakfast expedition.
(See picture below)
What do you think the mouse can see in front of him/her? What can s/he hear?  Is it danger or is it something good?  What happens next?  How does s\he move?  feel? Does s/he get back safely after an expedition to get breakfast? 

- Playing an instrument

If your child likes music and would like to learn an instrument, we have spaces available for Guitar and Flute lessons. To know more about what it entails, please visit the website: and talk to your child's teacher. Thank you

- Primary School Health Team Newsletter

Please find the Autumn Termn Newsletter below.

- Harvest Festival

Dear parents/guardians,
As there won't be a Harvest service this year, each class will be recording the work they have done to show their parents and this will be uploaded to Google Classroom; we did something similar for Sports Day last term. The recording will be available sometimes next week.
Children are asked to bring tinned food (only) donations as they will be easy to store while they are put in quarantine for 72h before we can distribute them to the foodbank. 
As ever, thank you for your support.

- PTA News

The floor of the Trim Trail would benefit from another pressure wash, to that end would anyone be free to join us again on Saturday 26th September from 10am to 12 noon to have another clean up.  Please let the PTA know if you can attend via the office, Facebook,  speak to a committee member in the playground or email

Rags to Riches Collection (see poster below)

We have a date for the next collection Monday 28th September.    Let friends, neighbours, work colleagues and family know, we do not have collection bags this time so please put in a clean bag and label Rags to Riches.  Bags can be brought to school on Friday 25th September at pick up and Monday 28th September at drop off. 

For those that live in Charlton on Otmoor we will be doing a collection on Sunday 27th September, please leave bags at the end of your driveway by 12noon.

Just as a reminder here are the links for fundraising sites, we are signed up to

Everyone can get involved, with these schemes you do not have to be a parent of a child at the school.  So please spread the word, ask family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues etc to consider supporting the school.  Just click on the links and choose Charlton on Otmoor School Association as your chosen charity. 

Fit4Change App – free through the App Store

We are always looking for ideas for fundraising, especially during these times when we are unable to hold event-based fundraising.  If you have any ideas please contact the PTA, maybe your company has schemes for charities, would be able to donate raffle prizes or you may know of grants which we can apply for.

If you would like to speak to a committee member, find out more about the PTA, would like to join the committee or have any questions about the above please contact us via the office or or face book

- Week beginning

Be friendly, respectful and kind Logan for always being kind and helpful to his peers
Be responsible Ella for being prepared and going the extra mile
Be the best you can be Emilia for always doing her best and getting on with her work independently
FSU Daisy for returning to school well and trying hard with her work
Yr1/2 George for his hard work and dedication in lessons
Yr3/4 Logan has been a star during assessment week, trying his best even when the questions were difficult, showing resilience. Well done!
Yr5/6 Tia for taking responsibility for her learning and for working super hard independently in maths

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