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Newsletter 27th March 2020

This half term we will be looking at the following value:

  • Forgiveness

- Letter from Mr Griffin

Over the past week, learning has moved from the classroom to the home. The teachers have been working hard to ensure that you have a range of exciting learning opportunities to do with your child every day. 

I have been very impressed with the level of interaction taking place on Google Classroom between teachers and pupils. Teachers in Key Stage One and Two have had regular video catch ups to review how learning has been progressing and I know some of the teachers have even recorded themselves to support the lessons.

For home learning to be successful, it requires a huge amount of dedication from you as parents. As a school, we can set the work, however we are asking you to devote your time to support with your child’s learning. This is a lot to ask as a school and we are extremely grateful for the support that you are providing.

We will continue with home learning in the current format until the start of the official Easter holidays. Home learning will then stop for two weeks over the Easter break.  The Government are still deciding what will happen to schools after this period as soon as we know more, we will inform you of this.

Within this week’s newsletter you will find many examples of children’s fantastic work from the past week. You will also find lots of useful information including activities to do at home with your children when they are not completing their schoolwork.

Enjoy the weekend and most importantly stay safe.

Best wishes

Mr Griffin

- Children at school

A few photos taken yesterday. The children made their recyclable bags and also planted the left over seeds in the tyres, they made signs to make sure nobody digs them up. 

- Home Learning


All the FSU children have worked so hard this week and shared some amazing work- it's been very difficult to choose just a few pieces of their work. Keep sending your photographs on Tapestry.

The children who sent their work are:

Emily with her letter to the mice from George the giant form the smartest giant. 

Lily who has counted and represented the numbers 1-5 with plant pots.

Oliver who did some fantastic shape work- going on a shape hunt and finding lots of shapes and then he drew, cut out and listed them in his book. 

Archer who coloured in a picture of the snail from the Snail and the Whale story. 

- Yr1/2

Some great work from our Yr1/2s, keep them coming!

The children who sent their work are:

Brody & Archie

- Yr 3/4

Below are photos of the work the children have produced at home. Rivers is their geography topic and Mrs Bending also set them a 30 day lego challenge. Some have even managed to use Lego for their river work too!
The children who sent their work are: Emilia F, Leo & Zak, Kit & Emily F. Good work!

Below is also the 30 day Lego challenge as a PDF document:

- Yr 5/6

The children who sent their work are:

Finn, Edward, Charlie, Emily & Junior. Well done!

- Various Information

To keep you all busy, on our website we have been putting links to all sorts of interesting and exciting activities for all ages:

These are updated regularly so keep checking it for new ideas.

There are also links for technical support and how to use Google Classroom:

Remember to keep reading and filling in reading records.  

- Stay at home timetable and more

The PDF document below includes:

Stay at home bucket list

Our daily schedule

My goal sheet

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