Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Plan.pdf

Administering Medication Policy

Administering Medication Policy.pdf

Admissions Policy 2024 2025.

Admissions Policy 2024 2025.docx

Allegations Against Staff and Volunteers

Allegations Against Staff and Volunteers.pdf

Anti Bullying Policy

Anti Bullying Policy.pdf

Assessment Policy

Assessment Policy.pdf

Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy 2023.pdf

Behaviour Principles

Behaviour Principles.pdf

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct 2023.pdf

Collective Worship Policy

Collective Worship Policy.pdf

Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy .pdf

Charging and remission Policy

Charging and remission Policy.pdf

Curriculum Policy

Curriculum Policy.pdf

Designated Teacher Policy

Designated Teacher Policy.pdf

Education for Children with Health Needs

Education for Children with Health Needs.pdf

Equalities Statment and Objectives 2023

Equalities Statment and Objectives 2023.pdf

FSU Policy

FSU Policy.pdf

GDPR and Data Protection Policy

GDPR and Data Protection Policy 2023.pdf

Handwriting policy

Handwriting policy.pdf

Health and First Aid Policy

Health and First Aid Policy.pdf

Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy.pdf

Home Visits Policy

Home Visits Policy.pdf

Home School Agreement

Home School Agreement.pdf

Homework Policy

Homework Policy.pdf

Intimate Care Policy

Intimate Care Policy.pdf

Maths Policy

Maths Policy July 2021.pdf

Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile Phone Policy.pdf

Physical Education Policy

Physical Education Policy.pdf

Relationships and Sex Education Policy

Relationships and Sex Education Policy COO 2023 .pdf

RE Policy

RE Policy.pdf

Relationships and Behaviour Policy

Relationships and Behaviour Policy 2023 final.pdf

Safeguarding POLICY 2023 2024

Safeguarding POLICY 2023 2024 COO.pdf

Safer Recruitment Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy.pdf

Science Policy

Science Policy.pdf

SEND Policy

SEND Policy.pdf

Single Central Records Policy

Single Central Records Policy.pdf

Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy.pdf

SMSC Policy

SMSC Policy.pdf

Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy.pdf

Visitor Policy

Visitor Policy.pdf

Website Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy.pdf

Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing Policy 2023.pdf

Early Years Policy

Early Years Policy 2023 .docx

ECT Induction Policy

ECT Induction Policy 2023.doc

Wrap around care policy

Wrap around care policy .pdf

Governors' allowances policy

Governors' allowances policy.pdf

Feedback Policy 2024

Feedback Policy 2024 .pdf

Charlton-on-Otmoor C of E Primary School

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Contact Information

Tel: 01865 331 239


Statutory Info

School Prospectus: Coming Soon

EYF Early Years School Prospectus: Digital Online Flipbook

Click here for Oxfordshire's local offer for support and services for disabled children and young people from 0-25.

If you have a query please contact Miss Giles or Mrs North on

For queries regarding Special Educational Needs (SEN) please contact Zoe Wells on