"The important thing is to never stop questioning."- Albert Einstein.


At Charlton we intend to provide a creative and thought provoking curriculum where children are given opportunities to develop skills and knowledge through a variety of activities. We will give children the opportunity to develop scientific skills in a range of written and practical activities, as well as acquiring the knowledge and vocabulary to understand key scientific concepts.  


In order to fulfil our aims, we will:

  • Use the action plan to develop specific areas
  • Teachers will follow the subject overview to ensure knowledge is sequenced and all objectives are taught
  • Skills ladders to aid planning and assessment
  • Topic organisers used for objectives, vocabulary and scientific enquiry ideas
  • All lessons will have a skill based LI to show working scientifically
  • Teachers will ensure children have the opportunity to use scientific skills throughout each year
  • A yearly science theme day to promote a love of science and curiosity


Charlton will ensure our science curriculum is high quality, enjoyed by children and that we are monitoring and providing further opportunities of development:

  • Assessment completed using children’s assessment of their knowledge, a formal assessment of knowledge and a skill assessment
  • Pupil voice surveys
  • Monitoring the subject through book checks, planning checks
  • Celebrating success in achievement assemblies


Charlton-on-Otmoor C of E Primary School

Fencott Road,





Contact Information

Tel: 01865 331 239

Email: parents@charltonono.co.uk

Statutory Info

School Prospectus: Coming Soon

EYF Early Years School Prospectus: Digital Online Flipbook

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If you have a query please contact Miss Giles or Mrs Brandon on parents@charltonono.co.uk

For queries regarding Special Educational Needs (SEN) please contact Mrs Jane Rawson on sendco@charltonono.co.uk